10 LinkedIn Traffic Secrets Exposed

11 08 2011
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linkedin logoLinkedIn, what a powerful tool that is. Only recently I found a few other ways you can use LinkedIn in your favour and boost your traffic. It has had some amazing results in terms of traffic and engagement.

1. Get the LinkedIn Plugins

Sharing, it is nearly the new way of charity. Everyone is talking about sharing via the various platforms. There are a few options you can use for your WordPress blog to make sure you have the latest share facilities in place. If you are a WordPress user, I would have a look at the sharebar plugin. A great and neat tool to showcase the various share options.

I did have it on this blog but with the re-design of the website this plugin is causing some issues but I will get this back up and running shortly.

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12 useful ways to use LinkedIn for business

25 07 2011
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LinkedIn is a huge network and continues to grow, adding new features every week. Take one tip a day and, in less than two weeks, you’ll have a vibrant profile and network, and should start to see some return on your time investment.

LinkedIn is for anyone in business, or anyone who wants to be.

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