10 Reasons Why Your Network is Your Biggest Asset

2 09 2011

Interesante desde el punto de vista de negocios o trabajo: nada vale más que tu red de contactos

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Social Network What’s a senior executive’s biggest asset? Most would say it’s their network. Not their social network, their real network. Ten thousand Twitter followers or Facebook fans aren’t worth ten solid network relationships to an executive.

Not that social media isn’t one way to make those contacts, but they’re only effective if and when they become real relationships. That means someone you can call, email, or get together with when you need to, and vice versa.

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12 useful ways to use LinkedIn for business

25 07 2011
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LinkedIn is a huge network and continues to grow, adding new features every week. Take one tip a day and, in less than two weeks, you’ll have a vibrant profile and network, and should start to see some return on your time investment.

LinkedIn is for anyone in business, or anyone who wants to be.

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