3 Ways to Make Yourself Much More Employable

24 08 2011

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The next time a young person asks me for career advice, I will be tempted to refer them to Don Kelly of the Detroit Tigers.

The reigning grandmaster of utility players, Kelly is an inspiring example of the benefits of being multi-skilled. Truth be told, Kelly would never have made the major with his bat alone–his career average hovers around .235, but with his natural athleticism, commitment to practice and knowledge of the game, he became the kind of player that managers find invaluable.

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10 Things Great Managers Do

19 08 2011

Aquí un listados de las 10 cosas que típicamente hacen los grandes líderes en el trabajo.

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When our biggest customer – and I mean big – thought I leaked a front-page story to the press, I offered to resign to save the relationship.

10 Things Great Managers DoThere’s all sorts of rhetoric about what good bosses should and shouldn’t do these days. I guess that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, most of it’s pretty basic, generic fluff that sort of blends together after a while.

Even worse, a lot of it’s, well, utopian. It panders to what employees want to hear instead of giving truly practical and insightful advice on what makes a manager effective in the real world where business is everything and everything’s on the line.

This list is different. It’s different because, to derive it, I went back in time to the best characteristics of the best CEOs (primarily) I’ve worked for and with over the past 30 years. It’s based entirely on my own experience with executives who made a real difference at extraordinary companies.

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