80 Percent of Shoppers Change Purchase Decision Based on Negative Reviews [Research]

31 08 2011

Este artículo de Frank Reed muestra una teoría interesante: la gente ya no puede distinguir entre las menciones positivas de verdaderos consumidores de aquellas menciones que son pagadas por agencias. ¿Qué queda entonces? Basar la decisión en las menciones negativas…

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Negative service and product reviews are tough to handle on many levels. First and foremost it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average consumer to tell the difference between a genuine review and one that has been planted or is simply an over-reaction. In addition, just because someone posts a negative review has little or no bearing on if that person had a truly bad experience.

Bad customer experience is a relative thing. Some people gripe at miniscule “issues” and blow them out of proportion. Others scream and yell at anything as a way to derive some power in a situation. Still others are just people that most others don’t want to interact with anyway because they are just miserable human beings in every sense of the word.

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Cómo y cupando negociar un aumento de sueldo

18 08 2011

Interesante artículo que presenta una perspectiva completa respecto a ese momento tan complicado

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Recent psychological research reveals 10 strategies that will help you hike your paycheck.

Much of the advice you read about how to negotiate your salary is rubbish.

It’s not just that salaries are a touchy subject and so they’re difficult to investigate accurately, it’s also that the same old clichés get repeated over-and-over again by lazy writers.

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